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Information for Dog and Cat Owners

Deciding to welcome a dog or cat into your family is a big decision and will provide endless fun over many years.

There are large amounts of information on dogs and cats available in many different formats, and sometimes it can be contradicting. This can be daunting and overwhelming and leave pet owners confused.

The veterinary professionals at our hospitals are happy to discuss any concerns and have put together some useful information on common health issues with dogs and cats. However if you still have any concerns with any aspect of your pets, do not hesitate to contact the hospital and make an appointment.


Addison's disease

Anal furunculosis


Atopic dermatitis (Atopy)

Aural haematoma

Blood transfusions

Burns and other heat injuries

Canine Parvovirus infection

Canine uroliths

Cardiopulmonary arrest

Care of your kittens

Care of your puppies

Congenital vertetral malformations

Cushing's disease

Demodectic mange

Dental Health

Disorders of neonates

Factors leading to infertility in bitch

Heat Stroke


Indoor urine spraying of cats

Legg-Perthes disease

Mammary tumors

Managing orphaned puppies

Medial shoulder syndrome


Near drowning syndrome

Otitis externa




Post partum complications

Pregnancy loss in bitch

Retrograde ejaculation in dog

Surgical FAQ's


Type II muscle fibre deficiency

Vaginal prolapse/hyperplasia

Wobbler syndrome