Mixed pets

Roxburgh Park Animal Hospital

122 Shankland Blv
Meadow Heights, VA 3048




Our hospitals are fitted out with state of the art equipment designed to provide the highest standard of care including routine general medicine and preventative health care, surgery, pathology and radiology, wellness programs, early detection and treatment of illnesses, nutritional advice, breeding and provision of emergency care.


We understand cats have special needs when visiting or staying at the hospitals. Therefore we offer a separate cat waiting and consulting area and a cat-only hospital ward. We offer a full range of toys, carry cages and nutritional supplies for cats.


Dogs also have a designated waiting room and hospital wards, with a third waiting area dedicated especially for greyhounds. A wide range of food, supplements and merchandise for all dogs is available for purchase.


Our spacious hospital wards provide comfortable accommodation for animals preparing for or recovering from surgeries, or suffering from illness or accidents. We have an isolation ward for animals with contagious diseases. All animals are closely monitored during their stay in hospital. Cages are fitted with clean comfortable bedding in air conditioned temperature controlled wards which are segregated for cats and dogs.

Consulting Rooms

All consulting rooms are cleaned after each attendance and are designed for hygienic and safe consultations, allowing veterinarians to examine your pets and discuss your concerns in complete privacy.

In-House Laboratory

Many diagnostic tests including progesterone testing are run on our in-house facilities. This enables veterinarians to obtain accurate and timely results to support their diagnosis and treatment. More complicated testing of blood chemistries, microscopy, urinalysis, faecal tests, biopsy examinations, cultures and infectious disease testing is referred to an associated external laboratory.

Surgical Theatre

Our hospitals have dedicated sterile surgical theatres fitted out to an exceptional standard with state of the art high quality equipment and instrumentation. Our experienced veterinary surgeons undertake numerous routine and complicated surgical procedures every day using the highest quality anaesthetic equipment and best practice techniques, ensuring your pets remain safe and comfortable throughout.

Radiography Facilities

Radiographs, also known as x-rays allow veterinarians to examine bones and soft tissue structures. These are undertaken onsite using our hospitals’ x-ray facilities and are developed immediately to enable thorough investigations of injuries or health problems, and maximising recovery opportunities.


Our modern veterinary specific ultrasound machines allow investigations of potential problems involving internal organs. It gives additional information to x-rays and blood testing particularly for conditions involving soft tissue such as the abdomen or heart. Ultrasounds are also frequently used to confirm pregnancy or to obtain puppy numbers later in the pregnancy.


Our modern dental equipment includes electric drills, polishers, and ultrasonic scalers allowing our veterinarians and nurses to provide a full healthy teeth and gums check-up that includes cleaning, polishing and tooth extractions.


Our hospitals are pharmacy registered allowing a convenient way to purchase your pet’s medication. We stock a large range of prescription and non-prescription veterinary medications to help make treating your pet’s conditions easier and more affordable. Our veterinary staff are highly trained in assisting with dispensing and providing useful advice and information about the medications you have been prescribed.


We understand the emotional commitment, financial investment and pride connected with breeding animals. We offer state of the art reproductive services that include breeding soundness examinations, semen collection, evaluation, freezing, shipping and storage, artificial insemination and pregnancy evaluation.

Resource Centre

Our hospitals offer veterinary staff an extensive range of resources and reference literature, as well as a quiet location to discuss clinical cases and research programs.